The Middlest Sister

I have every word of dialogue from this movie forever etched into my memory, through absolutely no fault of my own.

Charlotte is watching "Homeward Bound" for the 4th time today.

Again? Don't you ever want to watch anything besides "Homeward Bound"?

In a world full of uncertainty and turmoil, when it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed, it just feels good to know that Sassy, Chance, and Shadow always find their way home"

Chrissy watches the rest of the movie with Charlotte, her heart full of sisterly tenderness.

The movie ends

Charlotte hits rewind...

...and then play.

Seriously? Again?

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In the category homo sapiens, finite and infinite at once, free of duty, temporal, rational, sensitive, energy is transformed, act and potency, essence and matter, chromatic, onomatopoeia, creative, spiritual, humanist, allusive, alienated Sometimes schizophrenic paradigmatic FAmuli torum (the musical note), natural mystic

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