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Is the decision by Providence Equity Partners to pull its 10 percent stake out of Hulu a signal that the media conglomerates who own the most of the streaming service wish to curtail is growth?

That’s the hypothesis of a Bernstein Research report released Friday. Led by senior analyst Todd Juenger, Bernstein said that Providence Equity’s retreat “only underscores our suspicion that the controlling shareholders are increasingly motivated to cut off Hulu’s growth.”

This follows a report Bernstein issued two weeks ago, in which it questioned the longterm commitment of the Walt Disney Company (s DIS), News Corp. (s NEWS) and Comcast/NBC Universal (s CMCSA) to Hulu, given their strong desire to uphold the traditional multi-channel TV model

How can these companies support the growth of an over-the-top content business, Bernstein wondered, when they’re vested in models like TV Everywhere in which consumers can’t watch video unless they have…

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National Post | News

By Kate Holton

LONDON — Rebekah Brooks, a former editor and close confidante of Rupert Murdoch, was arrested for a second time on Tuesday in a phone-hacking scandal that has rocked the British establishment and embarrassed Prime Minister David Cameron.

A source familiar with the situation said Ms. Brooks and her husband, Charlie, a close friend of Mr. Cameron, were detained by police at dawn and had been taken for questioning at separate police stations.

They were held on suspicion of conspiring to pervert the course of justice in the long-running saga and were among six people arrested in coordinated raids across Britain.


Ms. Brooks, her husband and three others were later released on police bail until a date in April.

The 43-year-old former Sun and News of the World editor, instantly recognizable for her long red hair, was arrested in July over different allegations but only after she…

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National Post | News

By Chris Cobb

OTTAWA — The jury in the trial of former Mountie Kevin Gregson has found him guilty of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Ottawa police Const. Eric Czapnik.

Justice Douglas Rutherford completed his charge to the jury Tuesday morning and the verdict came down hours later at 9 p.m. ET.

Gregson stabbed Czapnik to death in a parking lot of the Civic campus of the Ottawa hospital during the frigid early morning of Dec. 29, 2009, after a struggle for the officer’s gun.


Czapnik, a father of four, was 51 and the oldest recruit in Ottawa police history.

Gregson has testified that he trained extensively with knives and repeatedly stabbed Czapnik in the neck in an instinctive reaction after the officer punched him in the face.

Rutherford recapped both the Crown and defence submissions to the jury, recalling the night of Czapnik’s death and Gregson’s…

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Why We Reason

The history of Earth is a rocky and lifeless story. The first signs of life emerged about a billion years after our planet’s creation. They weren’t much either; mostly single-celled organisms that resembled today’s bacteria. Land animals emerged out of the oceans as recent as 500 million years ago, and the genus homo came onto the scene a mere 2.5 million years ago. Complex life on Earth is the new kid on the block; natural selection spent most of its time keeping species the same, not changing them.

We humans are a different story. 200,000 years ago a few tens of thousands of us dotted the African plains. But then something happened. We spread across the globe creating cities and villages along the way. Language evolved, and with it culture and societies. We began living longer and healthier and our population skyrocketed as a result.

What’s peculiar about the rise…

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