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Been a while… how have you guys been? 🙂

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Wednesday’s child loves a good infographic. Design by Pop Chart Lab. View in full here.

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Reconnu pour chef de file d’une nouvelle approche picturale qu’il nomme “Pix-Peinture“.

PIX est une apocope, c’est-à-dire une contraction de mot qui nous vient de l’anglo-américain: “pixel“. Pixel, dérivant lui-même de l’amalgame de deux autres mots anglais: “element” et “picture” dont le dernier signifie littéralement image. Le pixel, est donc un élément d’image.

“Ma peinture est une peinture-message qui s’adresse à celui ou à celle qui a la capacité cognitive d’en décrypter les révélations…” Laurent de Corte

“Je cherche, je crée, je peins”Laurent de Corte


Cabbale”   2007

Triangle”   2007

Modochaouan”   2007

Coco cannelle”   2004

Attraction”   2004

Sol y sombra”  2004

Topaze”  2001

Nil bleu”   2007

Pharaon’s clock”   2006

Chaman”   2005

Africatown”   2005

Belles baies”   2006

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Emily Dumas is the young lady behind these colourful clean illustrations. Each collection of items is cheerful and cleverly simplified.

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Sony’s(s sne) next-generation SmartWatch is “coming soon” according to the product page, and it looks like a huge improvement over the company’s first attempt, which debuted in Sept. 2010.

Like its predecessor, the new SmartWatch connects wirelessly to an Android(s goog) phone for message notifications on the wrist. The wearable device can also be used for checking Facebook and Twitter or monitoring exercise activities.

After watching the video and checking out the device description — Sony says images are illustrative, so the final product could appear differently — it sounds great. But I bought the Sony Ericsson LiveView watch last year based on similar expectations, and for me, it was a dud. The watch wouldn’t keep a steady connection to my handset once I moved about a meter away. Even with phone in my pocket and the LiveView on my wrist, the connection was never stable.


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Inside BlackBerry

BBM Music

The BBM™ Music team has been very busy over the last few months launching our BBM-connected social music service in eight different countries around the world. We are excited that BBM Music* is now available for download in Canada, the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Australia – with more regions still to come, so stay tuned! If you haven’t yet tried BBM Music, we are even more excited to let you know that in the month of February 2012, you can download BBM MusicFREE for up to 4 months** in Canada or the US, or FREE for up to 6 months** in the UK, Spain & Italy.

Along with the free trials, we’ve added some new features to BBM Music v1.1 that we wanted to share with you.

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Why We Reason

Reason has fallen on hard times. After decades of research psychologists have spoken: we humans are led by our emotions, we rarely (if ever) decide optimally and we would be better off if we just went with our guts. Our moral deliberations and intuitions are mere post-hoc rationalizations; classical economic models are a joke; Hume was right, we are the slaves of our passions. We should give up and just let the emotional horse do all the work.

Maybe. But sometimes it seems like the other way around. For every book that explores the power of the unconscious another book explains how predictably irrational we are when we think without thinking; our intuitions deceive us and we are fooled by randomness but sometimes it is better to trust our instincts. Indeed, if a Martian briefly compared subtitles of the most popular psychology books in the last decade he would be…

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El Erascan, es un diseño de borrador para pizarrón que además es un scanner, mismo que va guardando la información que va borrando. Es capaz de reconocer la escritura a mano, las URL’s, los e-mails y se puede compartir esta información por medio de e-mail de forma inalámbrica. La idea detrás del concepto es poder guardar una copia digital de lo que se ha escrito o dibujado en el pizarrón.

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By: Polygon Heroes

Posted by @pedrosalma

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